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New health insurer policy may mean you pay for your ER visit

(Reuters Health) – While symptoms like chest or belly pain might reasonably drive you to the emergency room with worries about a heart attack or appendicitis, your insurance company might decide not to pay if it turns out your fears…..

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Lobby funds? No, thank you, say outsiders Bernie and Trump

Kingmakers in the US presidential elections are in a fix as two insurgents, openly challenging mainstream candidates, have emerged as leading contenders in both the Republican and the Democratic parties. Prospective candidates being backed by various industry lobbies are faring…..

French parliament votes to write controversial state of emergency powers into constitution as counter-terror measures spark protests

The French parliament has voted for controversial changes to its constitution to enshrine powers implemented under its state of emergency and removing citizenship for terror suspects. Politicians voted by 317 votes to 199 to give a new status to emergency…..

SC puts Obama’s climate plan on hold

AFP | Feb 11, 2016, 01.32 AM IST The US Supreme Court Washington: The US supreme court on Tuesday put on hold a sweeping plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fuelled power plants, dealing a significant blow to President…..

Women counter Finland’s anti-refugee group with hugs

Kemi (Finland): Fierce-looking squads calling themselves the ‘Soldiers of Odin’ have been patrolling Finnish streets in recent months claiming to protect locals from asylum seekers, but lately they’ve been challenged by an unexpected crew: smiling women serving up hugs. In…..

'Happy Birthday' set for public domain

PTI | Feb 11, 2016, 01.35 AM IST Los Angeles: “Happy Birthday to You”, one of the world’s most recognisable songs, looks finally set to be free for everyone to sing. After prolonged legal wrangling, US publisher Warner/Chappell Music agreed…..

Iran plans to upgrade missiles; US, UN see red

Reuters | Feb 11, 2016, 01.25 AM IST Dubai:Iran will unveil an upgrade of its Emad ballistic missiles this year, the defence minister was quoted as saying, advancing a programme that has drawn criticism from the United Nations and sanctions…..

US man charged with throwing alligator into fast food restaurant

A Florida fast food restaurant got a customer it wasn’t expecting when a live alligator was tossed through a drive-thru window by a patron. Joshua James, 23, of Jupiter, Florida, had wanted to play a practical joke on a friend…..

North Korea’s army chief of staff executed, report says

SEOUL: North Korea’s army chief of staff has been executed, South Korean media reported on Wednesday, in what would amount to the latest in a series of purges and executions of top officials by leader Kim Jong-un. Ri Yong-gil, chief…..

ISIS has 'made and deployed chemical weapons', says US intelligence official

ISIS has succeeded in making and deploying chemical agents in the Middle East, a US intelligence official has said. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said “sulphur mustard” has been used in an alleged ISIS attack in Syria and there…..

Clean sweep by shuttlers; Ruthvika stuns PV Sindhu to win gold

SHILLONG: Rising star Ruthvika Shivani created the biggest upset by defeating PV Sindhu in straight games to win the women’s singles gold medal with India bagging seven gold and five silver medals from the badminton event of the South Asian…..