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12 quakes jolt Andaman and Nicobar islands and around in 24 hours

NEW DELHI: The sea around the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago has witnessed 12 earthquakes in 24 hours, with almost all measuring 5 and more on the Richter scale, but no tsunami alert has been issued. The region on Sunday saw…..

Sri Lanka minister resigns over floating armoury scandal

COLOMBO: In a setback to Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition, an influential minister on Monday resigned from the cabinet for allegedly shielding a private security firm which is under probe for gun running and money laundering. Law and order and prisons…..

BJP defeat in Bihar elections is good news, says Pakistani daily

ISLAMABAD” The BJP-led coalition’s defeat in Bihar is “arguably the first good news to come from India in the last few months”, a Pakistani newspaper said on Monday. The News International also said in an editorial that the election result…..

Bucket list ideas: The top 30 places to see in your lifetime

The UK is leading the way for the most desired travel destinations of Brits, with Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Stonehenge emerging near the top of a worldwide ‘bucket list’. The Eiffel Tower topped the poll of 2,000…..

Unrest erupts at Australia's Christmas Island migrant centre

SYDNEY: Detainees set buildings alight and armed themselves with baseball bats in a riot at an Australian immigration facility on Christmas Island, people at the centre said on Monday, with officials admitting the situation was out of control. The disturbance…..

Indians sue UK Queen for return of 'stolen' £100m Kohinoor diamond

LONDON: It was once the world’s largest-known diamond, is worth a reported £100m and is currently part of Britain’s crown jewels. But India wants it back. Bollywood stars and businessmen have united to instruct lawyers to begin legal proceedings in…..

Obama, Netanyahu set for first talks since Iran deal

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet on Monday for the first time since the Israeli leader lost his battle against the Iran nuclear deal, with Washington seeking his re-commitment to a two-state solution with the…..

Pakistan, a nuclear nightmare, dangerous to the world

With as many as 120 warheads, Pakistan could in a decade become the world’s third-ranked nuclear power, behind the United States and Russia, but ahead of China, France and Britain. Its arsenal is growing faster than any other country’s, and…..

Investigators '90% sure' bomb downed Russian plane

CAIRO: Investigators of the Russian plane crash in Egypt are “90 percent sure” the noise heard in the final second of a cockpit recording was an explosion caused by a bomb, a member of the investigation team told Reuters on…..

Bangladesh court issues warrant against former PM Khaleda Zia's son

DHAKA: A court in Bangladesh capital Dhaka issued an arrest warrant against the country’s former prime minister Khaleda Zia’s eldest son Tarique Rahman in a sedition case. Moshiur Malek, president of Bangabandhu Foundation, a pro-ruling Bangladesh Awami League organisation, filed…..