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San Bernardino shooting: Everything we know about Tashfeen Malik

Law enforcement officials are attempting to discover what led a couple to shoot and kill 14 people at a social services centre in San Bernardino. Tashfeen Malik, 29, and her husband Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, left their six-month-old daughter with…..

Former US President Jimmy Carter says he is cancer free

Former US President Jimmy Carter delivered an unexpected message on Sunday to the several hundred people gathered at a Baptist church in Georgia for his Bible lesson – his latest brain scan showed no sign of cancer. Carter, 91, started…..

Full text of Obama speech on national security, threat of terrorism

WASHINGTON: Following is the full text of a speech to the country on Sunday by President Barack Obama on national security and the threat posed by militant groups in the aftermath of last week’s mass shooting in California. THE PRESIDENT:…..

Syria blitz depletes US bomb arsenal

WASHINGTON: The US Air Force is fast running out of bombs to drop on Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq after its pilots fired off over 20,000 missiles and bombs since the US bombing campaign against the terror group…..

Central African Republic dubs rebel leader enemy no 1

BANGUI: The Central African Republic government dubbed a Seleka rebel leader “enemy number one” on Sunday in a move likely to further complicate the chances of ending the current wave of political turmoil. The majority Christian country has been embroiled…..

Challenge for socialists as Venezuelans elect legislature

CARACAS (Venezuela): The socialist system built by Hugo Chavez faced its gravest electoral test Sunday as Venezuelans cast ballots in what seems to have become a tightening race for control of the national legislature. Voters woke to state-sponsored fireworks and…..

'Ashamed and shocked by her gruesome act,' relatives of California shooter say

KAROR LAL ESAN, Pakistan: Estranged relatives of a Pakistani woman involved in a mass shooting in California spoke on Sunday of their shame at her crimes, as former classmates and teachers painted a picture of a quiet, religiously conservative student……

Need to intensify existing strategy against IS: Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON: Describing the California shooting as a terrorist act, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today sought to ramp up military action against the Islamic State – the dreaded terrorist organisation which claimed that the attackers were its supporters. “What happened…..

Obama to urge Americans not to give into fear of terrorism

WASHINGTON: In a rare Oval Office address, President Barack Obama on Sunday night will urge Americans not to give into fear following attacks in Paris and California, while trying to assure the public that he takes the threat of terrorism…..

Pakistan blocks foreign reporters from investigating terrorism radicalization

WASHINGTON: Pakistan has begun preventing western reporters from investigating the radicalization of the San Bernardino terrorists even as it emerged that the Pakistani wife of the Chicago-born Pakistani-American Syed Rizwan Farooq may have “honey-trapped” him into entering the United States……