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Native American tribe moves to dismiss Allergan patent case

(Reuters) – A Native American tribe holding patents for drugmaker Allergan Plc (AGN.N) on Friday moved to dismiss a case brought by generic drug company Mylan NV (MYL.O) challenging the patents. In a filing to the U.S. Patent Trial and…..

Resistance exercise linked to reduced anxiety

(Reuters Health) – People who do resistance exercises like weight lifting may experience less anxiety than people who don’t workout, a research review suggests Researchers analyzed data from 16 previously published studies with a total of 922 participants who were…..

Intensive rehab can help military patients work after brain injuries

(Reuters Health) – Four in five military service members who suffer brain injuries may be able to return to military or civilian work after they get treatment at inpatient rehabilitation facilities, a UK study suggests. Almost one-third of these service…..

India's drug prices regulator calls for better oversight of private hospitals

MUMBAI (Reuters) – India’s drug pricing authority called for better regulation of the country’s massive private healthcare industry on Friday to ensure government efforts to cut prices benefit patients. To cut the cost of procedures such as angioplasty and knee…..

Japan health minister to consider U.S. drug firms' views in pricing overhaul

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan will weigh the concerns of U.S. drug firms in its efforts to complete by year-end a drastic revision of its drug-pricing system, aimed at reining in medical spending and cutting the public burden, the health minister…..

Roche receives EU approval for Gazyvaro, European approval for Actemra

ZURICH (Reuters) – Roche said it has received European approval for its Actemra medication in giant cell arteritis (GCA), the Swiss drugmaker said on Friday. “As the first effective non-steroid therapy for GCA, Actemra/RoActemra has the potential to fundamentally change…..

Stopping antidepressants tied to increased relapse risk

(Reuters Health) – People taking antidepressants for anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely to relapse when they stop using these drugs than when they remain on medication, a research review confirms. Researchers analyzed the…..

BYU lifts decades-long ban on caffeinated soft drink sales

(Reuters) – Brigham Young University has ended a 60-year ban on the sale of caffeinated soft drinks at its flagship campus in Provo, Utah, the Mormon Church-owned school said on Thursday. Students or visitors will no longer need to bring…..

A daily half hour's exercise could prevent 1 in 12 early deaths, study shows

LONDON, Sept 22 (Reuters) – People who exercise five days a week for 30 minutes significantly reduce their risk of dying early and of developing heart disease, even if a sports club or gym is not an option, according to…..

Versartis growth hormone drug fails key study, shares sink

(Reuters) – Versartis Inc said its experimental drug for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children did not meet the main goal of a late-stage study, sending its shares tanking 85 percent. The drug, somavaratan, is a long-acting recombinant…..