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Is Breastfeeding Better for Your Baby?: 5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

  The choice to breastfeed or formula feed is a highly personal one, and new mothers will need to take many factors into consideration when making the decision. Experts suggest that new mothers breastfeed exclusively for at least the first…..

3 Health Benefits of Beets

  Every summer, a portion of my mom’s garden becomes filled with big, beautiful red beets. We can hardly use them all up, there are so many; fortunately my family loves beets, so they always end up going to good…..

Natural Wound Care: How to Heal a Cut Fast

  As a fairly active and very clumsy person, I am no stranger to bumps, bruises, and cuts. I often get scratches on my skin, whether they are from working in the garden, hiking on the trail, or cooking in…..

11 Steps to Make Walking an Easy Habit for Life

  Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s recent Call to Action made it clear that walking is the best way for most people to stay healthy and fit. Here’s how to do it more often and make it more enjoyable. (Murthy will be among…..

How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils, Part 3: Honing Your Senses

  It is a given that the vast majority of aromatherapy practitioners, and perhaps even lay practitioners (home users), are seeking genuine and authentic, plant-derived, preferably organic or wild crafted, unadulterated essential oils. This is how I personally would define…..